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Psoriasis Specialist

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At least 8 million Americans have psoriasis, and 60% of people who have the disease say it significantly lessens their quality of life. At Wellskin Dermatology & Aesthetics, board-certified providers James Allred, MD, FAAD, and Sherelen Hodges, APRN, DCNP, lead a team of compassionate psoriasis experts, including a biologic coordinator who can help you get access to the latest and most effective psoriasis treatments. There are offices in Franklin, Kentucky, White House and Gallatin, Tennessee, so call the one nearest to you or book an appointment online. 

Psoriasis Q & A

What is psoriasis?

Psoriasis is a chronic skin condition in which your body produces new skin cells too often. When you have psoriasis, your new skin cells accumulate before the old cells shed. 

Psoriasis occurs in cycles, so you may have a flare-up that lasts for a couple of weeks or longer followed by a period of remission before your next flare-up.

What are the symptoms of psoriasis?

About 80-90% of people with psoriasis have plaque psoriasis, which features thick patches of skin usually topped with silvery-white scales (plaque psoriasis). The elbows, knees, lower back, and scalp are all common sites for plaques. 

There are also other forms of psoriasis, including:

Guttate psoriasis

Guttate psoriasis causes teardrop-shaped bumps on the trunk or limbs.

Inverse psoriasis

Inverse psoriasis causes smooth red skin in skin folds, for example under the breasts in women.

Pustular psoriasis

Pustular psoriasis causes pus-filled bumps on either the palms of hands and soles of feet (localized), in larger areas throughout the body (general), or the ends of fingers or toes (acropustulosis). 

Erythrodermic psoriasis

The rarest and most severe psoriasis, erythrodermic psoriasis, causes a bodywide red rash that peels off in sheets. 

Nail psoriasis

Nail psoriasis causes fingernail or toenail symptoms such as nail pitting, discoloration, and other changes.

Psoriasis symptoms can change over time. For example, if you have plaque psoriasis, you may later develop inverse psoriasis as well. Some people with psoriasis later develop psoriatic arthritis, which affects your joints. 

Psoriasis symptoms can sometimes look like eczema, rosacea, and other skin conditions, so it’s essential to visit Wellskin Dermatology & Aesthetic Clinic for an evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment targeted to your condition.

How does psoriasis treatment work?

Psoriasis treatment atWellskin Dermatology & Aesthetic Clinic can be different for every person, and it may change during the different stages of your life. Most people use topical creams and ointments, and light therapy is also successful for many people who have psoriasis.

You may need oral medication to suppress your immune system. The team is comfortable prescribing and supervising the use of the most up-to-date biologic medications and treatments for people with psoriasis. 

Wellskin Dermatology & Aesthetic Clinic boasts a biologic coordinator on staff. Your biologic coordinator is a point of contact who helps you manage your treatment process, including the time that the team prescribes biologic medication to dealing with insurance and coordinating the treatment. 

Biologic treatment can be complicated, at least in terms of access to the medication. Your biologic coordinator at Wellskin Dermatology & Aesthetic Clinic can help you navigate your path so you can get what you need to feel better and enjoy a better quality of life. 

If you have psoriasis symptoms and feel frustrated, Wellskin Dermatology & Aesthetic Clinic is there for you. Call the office nearest to you or book your evaluation using online scheduling.

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