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Botox® injections can give you creaseless skin for months in areas around your eyes, forehead, and chin. James Allred, MD, FAAD, and and the team, at Wellskin Dermatology & Aesthetics, located in Franklin, Kentucky, White House and Gallatin, Tennessee, offer Botox injections for those interested in smoothing fine lines or eliminating excessive sweating. To schedule a Botox consultation, call the nearest office or book online today.

Botox Q & A

What is Botox?

Botox is a popular injectable that uses neurotoxins to influence your skin. More specifically, the neurotoxin in Botox temporarily causes your nerve cells to stop communicating with muscles in the region. 

As a result, those muscles don’t flex, even subconsciously, while the medication is active. Botox stays active for 4-6 months.

Unlike other cosmetic injectables, Botox has both medical and cosmetic purposes. Its most well-known use is for small wrinkles and fine lines on the face, which develop over time due to muscle contractions that cause the skin to crease. 

If you’re happy with your results, you can come back to Wellskin Dermatology & Aesthetics for additional Botox injections. Once you have an idea of how long Botox lasts, you can book regular injection appointments with the team. 

What can Botox do?

Botox serves several purposes at Wellskin Dermatology & Aesthetics, and the team can create your treatment plan according to your goals. No matter the purpose, you typically need several Botox injections at a time. The treatment can:

  • Smooth crow’s feet wrinkles
  • Smooth forehead lines
  • Smooth frown lines
  • Smooth a dimpled chin
  • Reduce excessive sweating 

There may be other available applications for Botox, too. The team tells you if Botox fits in your treatment plan and whether you’re a good candidate.

What happens during a Botox procedure?

Getting Botox starts with a treatment consultation. The team at Wellskin Dermatology & Aesthetics reviews your goals and discusses your medical history. They map out where to put the injections and let you know what you’ll need to do to prepare.

The team uses an extremely fine needle to inject Botox, and you might not need anesthesia. Still, numbing cream or ice might be an option. After marking the injection spots, the team injects small amounts of Botox to build your ideal result. It takes 24-72 hours to see the complete effect.

You can safely go back to your daily activities right away after your Botox injections. However, avoid rubbing or excessively touching the injection sites since the product can migrate into surrounding areas. If you have any discomfort, an over-the-counter pain reliever or a cold compress can offer relief.

Don’t wait to book your Botox consultation. Schedule over the phone or online at the nearest Wellskin Dermatology & Aesthetics location today.